Boat Handling

Boating and boat handling skills to make you a better, safer boater

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After taking America’s Boating Course online or in person, take Boat Handling to gain real-world boat handling and boating skills. You’ll boat with more confidence and feel more confident on the water.

Boat Handling gives you the boating skills you need to handle your boat like a pro — whether you’re at the ramp, at the dock or on the lake.

You'll learn

  • Boat handling
  • Maneuvering
  • Anchoring
  • Tying basic knots
  • And much more

This instructor-led course covers boat construction and function, your responsibilities as skipper, and getting your boat ready for launch. You’ll also learn boat handling and maneuvering skills that allow you to boat under various conditions in close quarters and on the open water.

You’ll get expert advice on the rules of the road, anchoring, emergencies, tying basic knots and much more.

Course materials include a downloadable or printed student manual as well as a downloadable U.S. Coast Guard Navigation Rules and Regulations Handbook. Some squadrons and clubs offer on-water Seamanship sessions, allowing you to put your newfound boating skills to the test.




Seamanship, boating and boat handling skills to help you boat with confidence



9 weeks


Varies; members get a discount