Boat Handling

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Boat Handling Course ImageBoat Handling

Learn how to handle your boat in a variety of situations and become the skipper you want to be. Gain confidence in docking, underway, anchoring, and other seamanship skills.

Our new Boat Handling course is intended for newer recreational boaters who have completed a basic boating class (like America's Boating Course) and want to gain more knowledge, skill, and confidence to boat safely and have more fun in a variety of situations.

Boat Handling covers these topics:

Each topic is also available as a free-standing seminar.  Click on the above links to learn more.

Our instructors will enrich the course with local knowledge, experience, and discussion that will help you expand your boating horizons.

Ask your local squadron about on-the-water coaching to help you grow in your situational awareness, knowledge of what to do in each situation, and ability to perform boat-handling skills that will help you enjoy boating more and with the confidence you desire.

The course also includes an optional online test, which covers material contained in both the Student Guide and the six online modules.  Members of America's Boating Club who take this online course and pass the online exam will get credit for Boat Handling and qualify for Seaman.  Many boat insurance companies offer savings for America's Boating Club courses.