Knots And Line Handling

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Knots and Line Handling: The Knots You Need to Know

Do you know which knots to use in every situation? Learn to securely attach your boat and other useful applications.

Learn how to secure your boat to docks, piers, and other boats; handle rescue and repair situations; manage running rigging; anchor securely; and tow other vessels or people.  This seminar has been designed to help you to know which lines and knots to use in each situation.  You'll gain knowledge and hands-on experience selecting the appropriate line and tying the 10 most useful knots, bends, and hitches; and you'll learn how to care for the lines on your boat and on the dock.

Knots and Line Handling is offered as an individual seminar or it may be taken as part of the Boat Handling course. Save by taking the whole course.


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