Paddle Smart

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Paddle Smart

Paddle Smart course book cover and Sea Kayakers handbook cover

Encompassing everything from paddleboards to canoes and kayaks, paddleboats make boating affordable and accessible for everyone.  USPS training helps you do it safely.  Based on a compendium of information from the paddling community, this seminar prepares you to boat safely on small lakes, streams, and rivers. The seminar kit includes an attendee workbook for note-taking and reference. “The Complete Sea Kayaker’s Handbook” by Shelly Johnson and “Introduction to Paddling – canoeing basics for lakes and rivers” by the American Canoe Association are optionally available.

What's included?

  • Risks
  • Safety
  • Paddle craft "language"
  • How to select a paddle craft
  • Necessary equipment
  • Life jackets for paddlers
  • Paddles
  • Optional equipment
  • Helmets
  • Coldwater protection

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