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Value Bundles

Great Deals for New and Experienced Boaters

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America's Boating Course

Safety course and state certificate preparation

Boat Handling Course

Boat Handling Course

Full Course and Member Exam
PDF Student Guide

Weather Course

Weather Course

Full course and member exam
PDF student guide

Cruising and Cruise Planning Course

Cruising and Cruise Planning Course

Full Course and Member Exam

AIS marine electronics for boaters

AIS Electronics for Boaters

See and be seen on the water

How to use GPS

How To Use GPS

A boater’s guide to electronic navigation


All About Marine Radio

Choosing and using a VHF radio for your boat

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Weather for Boaters Seminar

A boater’s guide to forecasting, winds and storms

Planning a cruise

Planning Your Cruise

Boating beyond the day trip

cruising boats and systems

Cruising Boats and Systems

Choose And Equip Your Boat

Propane Systems on Your Boat.jpg

Propane Systems on Your Boat

Safe operation, maintenance, and inspection

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Boating on Rivers, Locks and Lakes

Navigating inland waterways and locks with confidence

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Crew at the Helm

Key skills your crew needs to know


Hurricane Preparation for Boaters

Protect your boat from the next big one: storms, floods and wind

On the Water Training

On-the-Water Training

Become a confident boater with hands-on training at the ABC Learning Centers

Family Wearing Lifejackets Enjoying Power Boating

In-Person Education

Take a class with a squadron near you