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Welcome aboard America’s Boating Club®!

Your boating home on the water.

As an avid angler, you most likely don’t think of yourself as a boater first. But in order to enjoy your sport and find that favorite “honey hole”, many times you need a boat to get you there. Whether you are a freshwater, saltwater, or deep-sea fisherman, America’s Boating Club® will help you get there and back safely and in time to filet those fish for dinner. As an angler who uses a boat, you owe it to yourself and your fellow passengers to be knowledgeable and prepared for the unexpected events you’re likely to experience on the water.

At America’s Boating Club, you’ll find a course or seminar designed to build your boating skills for where you do your fishing, whether freshwater lakes and rivers or coastal and offshore waters. If you are a beginning boater, we’ll help you get certification to operate your boat that is accepted in most States. We can teach you how to dock and operate your boat easily and safely. If you are ready to learn more, we can help you learn about things like weather, engine maintenance, GPS, and other electronic navigation devices, how to use a VHF radio to communicate and call for emergency assistance, avoid larger traffic and hazards in coastal waters, and much more. And these courses may qualify you for boat insurance discounts as well!

Click on the links below to find courses and seminars that are either online or available at a local club/squadron near you.